Monday 13 February 2023

2023 - A few trips so far

After a fairly significant break from angling, I’m glad to say the bug is well and truly back. For now, it’s just great to be getting out and going for it, and targets / species can come later. 

First trip had me going for a long walk along the lower river tees in search of specimen perch, armed with maggots / worms and a feeder rod. First wrap round resulted in a chub (they seem to be frequenting the lower reaches more each year, especially in winter).

Eventually I had what I was after and a perch hit the worm. I hoped this was the start of the floodgates, but there was very little to follow, and I left without the big girl I was searching for.

With the river in decent condition, and having a couple hours spare one evening after work, I wanted to give lamprey chunks a try for some chub. Fishing a stretch which is usually challenging but can provide something larger, the rod eventually flew over after trying a few pegs  and I had a feeling it was decent as it hung in the flow. At 5lb 6oz, an excellent tees chub came over the net 

With low conditions continuing, and a reminder from someone about a good swim on the swale, I broke the float rod out with a few pints of maggots and caster. Second trot through, I hooked and lost a chub. The notes kept coming, however, and 9 chub to 4lb 12oz graced my net until I hooked and lost a barbel followed by a chub, which seemed to spook the swim. All in all, a great morning though! 

Really looking forward to the coming weeks and months….

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