Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hemlington Lake - 17-04-11

This will no doubt be my last session for a while, with the imminent arrival of a baby! Woke up at dawn and travelled to hemlington lake. Using maggot and caster for bait & feed, 2lb bottom and size 20 spade end for anything that came really. Bites came instantly with the odd roach, then i struck into something solid which refused to move much. It eventually straightened my hook, and i have a feeling it was a tench. Back to the roach again, and i got 5 or 6 on the bounce with the odd decent one in there of 6 or 7oz. This was followed by a perch of 1/2lb or so.

As the sun came up, bites slowed but i soon got them on the feed again. Noticing a couple of bubbles, i had a feeling what was coming next and stepped up to a size 16. A carp was clearly interested in the feed i'd been trickling in, and it was long until i struck into something solid. I played this carefully on my light tackle, but it touched a snag close to me and the hook flew out! Never mind, a nice mornings fishing.