Monday, 29 August 2011

Birdflight Goit, Saltburn - 29/08/11

I decided with the nice sea on to have a wander round huntcliff to an exposed gulley called birdflight goit. I got there with the sea too far in to get round the cliff, so a wander on the beach got me a couple of nice pics, including this seal which was intent on getting away from me as quickly as possible...

The gulley was round the other side of this cliff, a fair walk in rugged terrain and to try and maximise my time there, i had to get past the cut off point at the earliest opportunity which meant dodging waves and being careful of rocks falling from the cliff!

Once there, i set up a pennel pulley rig with size 3/0 Sakuma hooks, 60lb shockleader and 30lb main line. Long casts weren't necessary into the relative depths of the gulley, and crab / mussel was used as bait. Unfortunately, the fish werent having it but it was a big tide, with the sea pushing further out than normal. Might have to try it late one evening on a smaller tide, with some nice sea running. I've heard that big cod are present with persistance, so i will be back!
A word of warning with this venue, i've been recommended to leave approximately 1.5hrs after low tide. The nearest cut-off point is a good 20 minutes walk away and i wouldnt want to be stranded! Also, falling rocks are a serious risk.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Back to the sea

I've been trying for some bass lately. The first occasion was on Friday, going to a mark i chucked some lures out for an hour or so without success, however i knew from experience that it fished well at HT+1. Low and behold, at just the time i was expecting it, i started seeing terns diving after sandeels. Suddenly, a big shoal of sandeels appeared at my feet, clearly 'herded' by some bass and then i witnesses a couple of them splintering the pack and attacking the prey fish. Amazing! A quick change of lure, and i was into a small bass first cast which unfortunately got off as i was bringing it in (lightly hooked!). As quickly as they came, the sandeels had gone and with them the bass, i was a little annoyed!

I got back out again this morning for some bass at the same mark, but conditions were bright and water very clear. The bass were uncooperative but i managed a mackerel which made a lovely lunch! I'm definitely back into sea fishing mode...