Thursday, 30 October 2014

A few hours on the centrepin

BA Decided, after looking at levels, that the upper river offered a decent shot for some fish having quickly fined down. I was after big grayling, but in reality struggled to find them. The water was coloured and up a little, plenty of trout to keep me busy (some excellent fights!), until eventually I got my target species, albeit small.

A nice evening to be out. Tackle was a drennan float master, 15ft, rapidex centrepin and 3lb supplex, with double maggot fished on a size 18 Kamasan animal (excellent grayling hook). 

A recent chub trip on the River

Had a few hours one evening last week, conditions seemed ideal, nice temp, coloured water. I fished pellet with soaked pellet in a feeder. The first peg produced nothing, so I tried two or three others in search of the hoped for barbel. 
In the last leg, plenty of chub were trying to run with the bait but not hooking. I wrapped it in paste and that did the trick, nothing special but it avoided a blank. 
Then I absolutely p'd it down so I ran for the car having got a soaking! 
Pictures on phone so not the best