Sunday, 8 January 2017

An update, including a brace of chub for 12lb

Well its been a week or so since my last update, and I've been out a few times....

02/01/17 - A quick couple of hours on the tees

I had intended to go Stillwater piking in the morning, but for various reasons couldn't get out in the end. I still wanted to have my first trip of 2017, and had a small window of time to get out.

The swim I wanted to fish was a good half hour walk, so It was a case of getting there, walking half an hour, fishing for half an hour, then walking back to the car fishing a couple of pegs on way back.

River was up, leaves coming down (although I was managing to avoid most by fishing the really slack water), and temps were dropping to close to 0C.

After 15 mins I had a knock, then nothing else. I twitched the bait back, which resulted in a quick bite, fish was played in the tight swim and landed. To be honest, I wasn't bothered about size, just wanted a fish as it was difficult conditions.

Nothing else but happy to catch

05/01/17 - A lovely night to be out on a frosty Tees

I managed an hour on a cold and frosty River Tees tonight. The sort of night where the net freezes and goes rock solid, and the stars are out, with temps hovering around 0 - Awesome.

Caught the one chub on steak, a low 4. I gave up after two otters swam past.....

06/01/17 - A couple of clonking chub, including my 2nd 6lber!

Had a few hours spare in the afternoon, and despite the weather was just too good an opportunity to miss (in trying to make sure I take every opportunity to fish in 2017, regardless of conditions).

I spent a couple of hours under a brolly, trying to catch a perch on lobworm, but without getting a touch. Eventually, I got bored and decided to target chub. First chuck out, and the rod tip barely had time to settle and I was into a fish (I'd been flicking pieces of steak out for a couple of hours, which had obviously done good for their confidence). After a short but spirited fight, I landed a nice chub, didn't bother weighing. Next cast, and after a short while I had a couple of touches which didn't result in anything. I twitched the feeder back, and quickly got a good bite which I hit and everything felt solid. I had to give this fish some welly to keep it away from a couple of snags, and netted a cracking fish. Weighed in at 5lb 15oz, I was over the moon (second ever biggest chub).

The light was failing now, but I had time for one last cast. The tip quickly plunged round, and I hit into what felt like something special. This one stripped line on a tight clutch, and managed to get under a tree. I had to plunge the rod, hold the spool and heave it out before it had time to think. Fortunately it came, and I netted this great fish of 6lb 1oz

08/01/17 - Not an easy morning!

Decided to get on the river this morning. Alarm went off at 6am, and I felt like I'd drunk ten pints and hit a brick wall. Coming down with a cold. The snooze button was being used, but eventually I dragged myself off the pillow, smashed a lemsip back, walked the dogs and went fishing.

Target was a Swale perch. Tactics were feeder fished lobworm, with red maggots, and moving from one swim to another. I also had some steak thawing out just in case the perch weren't having it. It was frosty when I got there, ice dropping off the branches.

Well - the perch weren't having it. Absolutely nothing - I'm a complete failure at perch fishing, never have had a good one! Anyhow, chub fished a few swims and only had the odd rattle. After a few hours, I decided to go back to the first swim where I'd thrown in a few samples, and see if there were any takers. Within minutes the rod hoofed round and I played a fish which felt much bigger than it was. Mind, it was well fed and fighting fit, weighing at 4lb 8oz. And that was that! Went home, straight to bed again after smashing back another lemsip