Personal Bests

Here is a list of my Personal Bests. I'm often driven in my fishing by targeting and improving each one.....

Barbel (River Swale) - 9lb 14oz - River Swale 

Barbel (River Tees) - 12lb 1oz

Bass - 2lb 8oz - North Sea

Wild Brown Trout - 3lb 1oz

Chub (River Swale) - 6lb 9oz

Chub (River Tees) - 6lb 10oz

Chub - 5lb 4oz - River Wear

Dace - 8oz - River Tees

Grayling - 2lb 4oz - River Tees 

Perch - 2lb 4oz - River Tees

Pike (River) - 24lb 15oz - River Tees  

Pike (Stillwater) - 17lb 7oz - Local Gravel Pit

Tench - 6lb 8oz - Shipton Lake

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