Sunday, 8 June 2014

Traditional tench tactics - Lift Method and Centrepin

This is my last Stillwater report of the season (maybe!)

I decided to make it crabtree-esque today with centrepin, lift method and worm, and tench (hopefully!). It's a very sensitive method, as soon as that fish slurps up the worm, the float is rising and laying flat. Perfect time to strike!

After a scout around, I found some bubblers and sat down, rod already set up the night before, and fed maggots and casters.

It wasnt long until the float lifted slightly showing something brushing the line. Minutes later, it lifted and laid flat, and I was in! Unfortunately the centrepin didn't sing it's tune, and I soon landed a little baby tench.

Another hour wait, and a couple of tench started feeding again. This time the float just shot up and laid flat out of the blue, and I hooked into something bigger, the centrepin sung and I was a happy man. Can't beat fishing with the pin sometimes!

A nice male tench

I didn't get anymore, a couple of missed bites and a few greedy perch. Went home smiling though!

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