Sunday, 6 April 2014

First fly session of the year on the upper river

I've been getting itchy feet not being on running water, so decided enough was enough, and jumped on to the upper river for my first fly session of the year in search of those wild river brownies.

I started off fishing the duo, with a gold bead hares ear on the point as I was there at dawn and expecting the fish to be deep down. Wading in and fishing a short line, just flicking it upstream, unfortunately I didn't get any takes, despite trying various pools and glides. 

As the morning progressed, I changed to a pheasant tail nymph on the point and a partridge and orange on the dropper (both home tied :D) and flicked it out a lot further, watching the end of the fly line. After a repeated pattern of moving upstream a couple of steps and having a couple of casts, eventually the fly line shot forward and this small but stunning river brownie put up a nice spirited fight (it took the partridge and orange)...

Happy now - I've had my running water fix!!

Best part is, I had a great time, and didn't spend any money on bait.