Saturday, 11 May 2013

First Fly Fishing session of the year

I was out bright and early this morning (up at 4.30am) en-route to the river. It was a bit windy for the fly, but i was determined to give it a good go. This one was a new stretch to me, so finding the right parking place took me 20 mins but eventually i got down to the river.

I started off on a nymph with a wet fly on the dropper, and gradually worked my way upstream towards a disused railway bridge. After a couple of hours flogging away without anything suddenly my fly line shot forward and i struck into a very nice fish. After a good good tussle on my light fly outfit, with the fish flinging itself out a number of times, i eventually landed this wild brownie which was 1oz off a pound. It was caught on a hares ear nymph. Very happy with the result!

I tried for a while longer without success, but went home happy

A few pics....