Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pike, stick float, tench, carp and bass update

A bit of a varied update! 

Can't beat a bit of stick float fishing, the perfect way to cure a number of blanks and tough sessions. I had a short morning trip with the stick float and caster approach, in search of the swale chub shoals. Constant trickling of caster and hemp soon got them feeding, and I managed a few small ones before hooking into one of the biggies; unfortunately it got away. I kept getting the odd chublet and trout, but nothing big, then an otter decided to cause havoc in my swim. Then I hooked a 2lb brownie which went berserk. 

It all went quiet after that, but caught a few small ones anyway - it seems that they must have had a successful spawning last couple of years on the Swale as there's a lot of small ones about.. 

Next trip was a couple of hours before work, the tide seemed right for some dawn bass on the lures. Although I managed to prize my head off the pillow rather than get the desired sleep before work, it was a lovely dawn to fish in, but it didn't result in the wanted bass. 

A trip out tench fishing at a loca Stillwater ultimately was a failure, though I did hook a fish. Fishing the bolt rig feeder, over a bed of caster and maggot, tench were soon feeding confidently and I got a brilliant run which I hit. Unfortunately this got off, and I struggled to get anything else. Nice to be out though...

Next trip, this time an overnighter at a local gravel pit in search of a decent carp. Two rods out, one with boilies, the other with meat, and I tucked myself away for the night, hoping to be rudely awoken in the middle of the night. You can imagine my dissapoint net when some geese woke me up at 6am. I nodded back off until 7.30, re-cast for couple of hours more, and left feeling despondent. 

I then had a fair few hours with the lures on Wednesday, targeting the river tees. In hindsight, I'd have done something else - I was expecting the river to drop overnight, which it didn't (actually went up a little more). 

It was hard going, fishing heavy jerk baits and walking the banks for a mile or two. I was getting tired a little, when suddenly a big pike followed it in, bow waved and turned at the last second. That was enough to get me interested again, but it didn't result in a fish. Still I know where it is for next time.

That trip got me interested in catching pike on big lures, So today, noting that there was a little water in the river, not much, but similar to last week I thought that the colour might make me struggle with the lures. So I decided to fish a local Stillwater that I have access to. 

I fished most of the morning with deadbaits on one rod and the other rod for carp, both fished on the marginal shelf. The rods remained untouched until 10am, so I decided to reel in and get the heavy lure gear out. 

The water is very clear, like tap water, so I could see the burt lure as I jerked it back. After half a dozen casts in different spots, I noticed something move and then follow the lure. She quickly took it, shook his head from side to side as I struck. After a short but spirited fight, I had this low double, a lure and Stillwater pb for me, so happy with that. 

She had a very big head, and capable of much more weight in mid winter I reckon.