Sunday, 19 April 2015

Quest for a 20lb carp no. 3 - A fish at last

After blanking a couple of times at a difficult venue, I decided that a run was in order so a change in scenery saw me at a lake with a better head of fish, albeit smaller size (the largest would scrape 20 in there, with an average size of 8-9lb).

The place doesn't get many people carp fishing with boilies, so I decided to use meat on one rod, cast to a nearside margin adjacent an overhanging bush and a snowman rig with cell boilies cast to some pads towards the far bank. With the first rod in, I then flicked the meat to its position and placed the rod on the alarm, which tore off 30 seconds later...after a spirited fight this fish of 8lb ish came to the bank. Happy to bank something at least

The rod repositioned, I say it out for a few hours without a touch. There was activity in the pads, with a number of carp (very reasonably sized) launching themselves clear of the water. Shortly after, the boilie rod let out a sudden short burst of beeps which quickly stopped. Unfortunately this didn't culminate in any bites.

As the night drew in, I reeled in my baits, happy to bag something at least. A liberal scattering of cell boilies before leaving, I'm hoping to get them onto it. 

Probably back to the hard venue next time, had my 'fix'!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Quest for a 20lb carp no. 2 - different lake, same result

I fished a new lake yesterday evening. Up to my eyeballs in coursework, I decided the best place to do it was sat by a lake in the evening sun by a lovely lake.

The place holds specimen tench, bream and a few overgrown carp (in comparison to other places in the area), but notoriously difficult. The first rod was cast out with 4casters glued to a hair, over a bed of hemp and caster. The second was boilie over a stringer of boilies cast to any interesting location. 

A couple of beeps on the caster rig was, I imagine, small fish taking an interest. As the sun dropped to the horizon, the place started coming to life. Tench rolled on the surface, a pike attacked some prey fish, a kestrel hovered close by. Suddenly a big Carp launched itself out twice, enticing me to reposition my bait, which I did. As darkness fell, the bats came out to play, coming incredibly close to my head. It was a glorious evening, and surprisingly I got a decent amount of work done, mainly because there wasn't any activity on the rods.

We aren't blessed with big carp waters up here, unless your willing to join a syndicate which I'm not as I prefer my rivers when fishable. I'm also against fishing commercials, despite their potential, out of principal (unless specimen perch start turning up!). There are a few waters which fit the bill of holding 20lb+ carp, being nice to be around, and being local, but they are difficult places where a couple of summer caught carp would be a result.

Will have to keep trying, hopefully as the sun warms into the year, 'nuisance' tench and bream will show.