Sunday, 19 April 2015

Quest for a 20lb carp no. 3 - A fish at last

After blanking a couple of times at a difficult venue, I decided that a run was in order so a change in scenery saw me at a lake with a better head of fish, albeit smaller size (the largest would scrape 20 in there, with an average size of 8-9lb).

The place doesn't get many people carp fishing with boilies, so I decided to use meat on one rod, cast to a nearside margin adjacent an overhanging bush and a snowman rig with cell boilies cast to some pads towards the far bank. With the first rod in, I then flicked the meat to its position and placed the rod on the alarm, which tore off 30 seconds later...after a spirited fight this fish of 8lb ish came to the bank. Happy to bank something at least

The rod repositioned, I say it out for a few hours without a touch. There was activity in the pads, with a number of carp (very reasonably sized) launching themselves clear of the water. Shortly after, the boilie rod let out a sudden short burst of beeps which quickly stopped. Unfortunately this didn't culminate in any bites.

As the night drew in, I reeled in my baits, happy to bag something at least. A liberal scattering of cell boilies before leaving, I'm hoping to get them onto it. 

Probably back to the hard venue next time, had my 'fix'!

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