Sunday, 25 January 2015

Another night time chub session

With snow melt in the river (albeit fining down) my initial thoughts were "not much chance here". To better the odds, I decided to fish at night, 7pm to 10pm, with smelly baits. The swim produced my 5lb chub the previous week so I was still confident of catching. 

Not being shy, I fished a 1.75lb Avon with 12lb line (no point in fishing light when it's dark and id rather bully them on past unforeseen snags). After a couple of casts without success, I was just about to rebait with I got a twitch on the rod, I call it the 10 second warning signal. You can almost guarantee a chub will tap the rod round shortly after, and it did, a pleasing 3lb 6oz

Two casts later, and within seconds of the feeder hitting the deck, the rod twitch a few times. Clearly a chub knocking bait out the feeder and it was a short wait for the next rap round, this time at 3lb 8oz.

This was very quickly followed by a chub of 3lb 1oz....

No more fish followed, but I was happy with that. A mouse spent the evening by my side each the grass! 

Happy days 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Nice chub in difficult conditions

After a day of graft at home, I had the opportunity to fish in the dark. A quick dash to the local river had me casting in difficult conditions, water still up a little with snow melt and temps below zero. 

The banks were treacherous in the dark but having settled in a swim, the first cast saw the night light on the rod fly round and I was into this chub, at a satisfying 5lb.

I only fished for a couple of hours, missing one more bite. It was a great evening, clear sky, stars out (and Jupiter), a fish made me jump out my skin as it splashed right next to me in the margins as well.  

Happy with the result though, now for a well earned beer!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

January floodwater Barbel

After last nights low temps, I was unsure whether to fish or not today but had a feeling the water would be a degree or two up due to the fair few feet of water in. It wasn't easy fishing, wind was heavy still, and it was a case of roving about searching out the slacks. I had barbel on the mind (as I've said before, this year I'm really targeting barbel, carp and tench as I haven't given them enough time previously).

After four or five swims, spending half an hour in each one, the rod hooped over and I played what was obviously a barbel, it just hung determined in the current and was dictating where it was going. Eventually over the net, I was a happy man with a pb and January caught barbel of 9lb 4oz.

First fish of 2015....

Friday, 2 January 2015

Quest for a 20lb Carp mission no. 1 - El blanco

I've decided that it's about time I put some effort into getting a decent carp or two in 2015, and today saw me at a new pond that I intend to try. It holds carp to 25lb+, so I am hopeful (carp of that size aren't plentiful up here in the north).  

I had one rod on a multi rig with a fluoro pop up, and the other on a blow back rig with a stringer of boilies. Other than two beeps, I had no action, though there was another guy fishing who had a low double so they do feed in winter.

I'll keep trying.....