Sunday, 11 January 2015

January floodwater Barbel

After last nights low temps, I was unsure whether to fish or not today but had a feeling the water would be a degree or two up due to the fair few feet of water in. It wasn't easy fishing, wind was heavy still, and it was a case of roving about searching out the slacks. I had barbel on the mind (as I've said before, this year I'm really targeting barbel, carp and tench as I haven't given them enough time previously).

After four or five swims, spending half an hour in each one, the rod hooped over and I played what was obviously a barbel, it just hung determined in the current and was dictating where it was going. Eventually over the net, I was a happy man with a pb and January caught barbel of 9lb 4oz.

First fish of 2015....


  1. That's a fine Barbel there Jimmy and good condition too, a great start to that a sign of things to come?

    1. Hopefully James! I would love a double this year......

  2. Nice one Jimmy, lovely chunky fish that