Sunday, 18 January 2015

Nice chub in difficult conditions

After a day of graft at home, I had the opportunity to fish in the dark. A quick dash to the local river had me casting in difficult conditions, water still up a little with snow melt and temps below zero. 

The banks were treacherous in the dark but having settled in a swim, the first cast saw the night light on the rod fly round and I was into this chub, at a satisfying 5lb.

I only fished for a couple of hours, missing one more bite. It was a great evening, clear sky, stars out (and Jupiter), a fish made me jump out my skin as it splashed right next to me in the margins as well.  

Happy with the result though, now for a well earned beer!


  1. Great result given the conditions Jimmy. Well done bud!

  2. He who dares wins! Well done mate..looks like you're off to a cracking start to 2015. January the time for a pb river chub me thinks(on my stretch of river anyway)..the month to be putting in the hours.

    1. Cheers Steve. This time of year offers a great chance of a pb I find, as they start to pack on weight. Hope you get your pb chub, like you said now is the time!