Sunday, 19 January 2014

Last cast chub....

With the forecast to stop raining about 7am, I was hopeful of having a few hours fishing. Got there at about 7 and it was lashing it down. I was a local river for pike, and decided to park and walk a couple of miles in the dark without fishing, and them work my way back the two miles, trying different spots.

I didn't bother with a seat, a full on roving approach. Basically the rain just didn't stop, it absolutely poured, all morning. I tried swim after swim, the river was becoming ever more coloured, and the pike weren't feeding. 

Wasn't all bad though, plenty of wildlife, including a fox on the opposite bank completely oblivious to my existence; an otter that chased the roach that I was reeling in quickly, before it saw me and disappeared; a salmon that leapt clear of the river right in front of me, that I would put around the 10 to 15lb mark; a par of kingfishers and a heron!

After trecking back, dripping wet, I decided to try one last swim, in the vain hope of a fish. This time, I used lamprey, and the float buried in minutes. Get in I thought, pike! Nope, chub... Happy to save a blank though, didn't bother weighing it, just nice to catch.

Now I'm home, and exhausted!