Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bishopton Mill - 19 May 2011

This has been my first opportunity to get out for a while, due to the newborn! A short day session to Bishopton Mill was the opportunity, and i was armed with light gear and maggots / caster for bait.

I started off fishing 3 rod lengths out in 4 foot depth, and was getting smattering of bits (including a huge gudgeon!) before putting some groundbait out - this seemed to kill the swim so i laid off on the latter and concentrated on the former!

Other species continued to be caught including bream, roach, rudd but i was really hoping for one of the large tench that were present. A switch to caster started bringing swirls on top, and i noticed the few that fell short were being taken by fish on the surface. I shallowed up and fished one rod length out to find out the culprit, rudd. Constant spraying of feed got them feeding more confidently, and i was getting into a rythm until i struck into something more substantial which tore off, me having to flick the anti-reverse on my old mitchell (i'm never fond of using the clutch on 2lb line). I instantly thought 'tench' and after a good 5 minute battle it neared the net. However, it curiously turned out to be a Roach / Bream hybrid of about 3lb, a fish i have never caught but they fight like demons!!

I had to call it a day shortly after - can't wait for the rivers to open in 4 weeks time!