Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Morning on the River

Decided to do some trotting this morning, mainly because i wasnt confident of catching much else at the moment, but also to get me drennan combo floatmaster out. Got there early and set up to trot maggot and caster. Size 18 to 3.2lb drennan float line and 1lb 10oz drennan team england hooklength. Roach sport from the off, nice fish as well...
Shallowing up brought some bonus dace as well, some of them decent sized. Hooked into something solid which was probably a chub or decent roach, but the hook sprung out.
(Dace on the left..)

Dropping some maggots close to my feet brought a few perch, mostly small

As the sun got up, i hooked into another roach which went solid and started hugging the bottom and plodding along, ignoring my pleas to get it to the surface. Clearly a pike had took it and it wasnt long till a bitten through hooklength was returned. I was expecting this at some point, and had the pike rod rigged up at the ready with a smelt deadbait. This was taken within 30 seconds of casting, and an athletic summer jack pike was eventually landed. All in all, an enjoyable morning. Time for a bacon sarnie and cup of tea.....