Thursday, 29 August 2013

A morning chub fishing on the river

I had a great morning on monday, not because of amount of fish caught, but just walking lightly over a completely new stretch to me and investigating some new areas. 
Tactics were dead simple, 6lb line straight through (maxima), size 10 super specialist hook, drennan medium feeder and a series 7 reel. Using a sliding rig with one or two swan shot, and a bunch of worms. I was spending about 10 mins in each likely looking peg and moving on; I probably could have baited one swim and had a fair few fish but I wanted to cover 2 miles of water just to see it. 
In one swim, I'd been flicking out worm sections  for a short while and on my second cast, after flicking out towards a tree, this chub took the bait on the drop and surprised me! It came in at 4lb 4oz, but was skinny. Certainly got a lot of winter potential

It was hard going, especially when I inadvertently walked into a private wooded area. I wasn't too concerned until I heard a load of hounds coming near, was well relieved when I got over the barbed wire fence!! Went a different way home after that (ie, I went the proper way round!).
Some great looking swims, I'll be trying it a fair bit.

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