Sunday, 18 August 2013

A pb perch from a small overgrown river

Well that was good fun. I decided to try a 'small overgrown river', where I'd heard of one or two surprises in the shape of perch. my brother had had them to 1lb 7oz recently. Myself and my brother decided to do things the proper way, and his makeshift minnow catcher soon had us plenty of baits.

Tactics involved an 11ft 10" drennan drx river feeder, 6.9lb series 7 line straight through to a size 12 hook, where the live minnow was lip hooked ad kept in place with a single red maggot. After each catching a few small perch to 8oz, we were confident the minnows were working. The bro stayed in a nice deep section, whereas I decided to rove about (I'm not the most patient person!). First cast near a tree and the rod flew straight round. After the usual dogged perch fight, I was very happy to catch a pb perch at 1lb 13oz.

It's amazing what these small river throw up. I went home a happy man. Next target must surely be a 2lber? I reckon this one will make 2 well into autumn. 


  1. Well done mate, I had one a couple of years ago from a tiny canal section of a river in Ireland. 3lb 9oz I thought I had hooked a spent salmon it pulled me around so much. Really enjoy your blog, it's fantastic. Keep up the good work and tight lines.....

    1. Thanks Scottie! Great blog you've got there. That's some perch matey, always wanted to fish Ireland and I'm sure one day I will

  2. I caught what I think is the same perch from what looks like the same swim a few months ago, it had a very distinguishable bottom lip. Unfortunately, when I caught it it was on 1lb 4oz!