Targets for 2017

I'm motivated by targeting myself, and trying for bigger and better. However, my targets aren't necessarily to catch a pb - all things are relative and I have a special place in my heart for my local River Tees where, for instance, a barbel or 6lb chub is a lot rarer than on other rivers such as the Swale. So this years targets are as follows (some of them have been targets for a while though.....):

1. Catch a River Tees Barbel Done :)

2. Catch a 20lb Gravel Pit Carp

3. Catch a 2lb River Tees Perch

4. Catch a double figure Barbel Done :)

5. Catch a 6lb River Tees Chub Done :)

6. Catch another 20lb Pike (its been a few years since my last!)

7. Catch another 2lb River Tees Grayling

8. Catch a double figure River Swale Barbel

9. Catch a 6lb River Wear Chub

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