Saturday, 27 February 2016

Night time chub fishing on the river tees

After noticing that people were getting missed or subtle bites during the day, I put it down to cold weather and low conditions. I decided that night time fishing might be the way to bag a couple. 

I dropped onto the river tees for a couple of hours. I didn't want to be roving the banks much, so I picked an area and settled down, it was really pitch black tonight. Tactics were usual - steak, link ledgered with swan shot, allowing the flow to bring it to a settled position. 

First cast, after 15 mins the rod wrapped round, and I was into a solid fish, but the fight didn't last and the fish shed the hook. Next cast same again, 15 mins whilst the chub tracked down the blood scent and the rod flew round again. This one was landed. 

Same again next cast, rod wrapped round and another fish of a similar stamp. After another missed bite, I decided to call it an evening. My light was failing and phone battery low - I'm not a fan of stumbling about in the dark. Happy with that result in challenging conditions.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Smash and grab chub on the river Nidd

I had an hour to fish today, and working in Yorkshire decided to drop in on the nidd. Rod was already set up with link ledgered steak.

This is not an easy venue and after trying 4 different pegs without a touch (ten mins in each peg), the rod slammed round and I hit into a very hard fighting chub. Thought it would be bigger, but happy with this 4lb 5oz fish, my first nidd fish (only fished it a couple of times - lovely river though)

I'm hoping to get out pike fishing at the weekend. 

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Roving for river Tees chub

Decided to walk the miles this morning and travel light, using prawns, steak and cheese paste as bait, on the river tees. I was fishing a soft quiver tip, 8lb line straight through, link ledgering with 2 or 3 swan shot so that the bait settled in the crease of the flow after trundling around a little. After that, I just flicked out a couple of freebies and waited. 

The banks have been battered this winter, and the river has changed, but first swim produced a quick bite to steak (after the prawn was ignored), and the strike met with solid resistance. This one weighed 4lb 2oz

A little wander downstream and I found a swim where a crease flowed under a nice raft, screamed out chub. I started with steak this time, but after ten minutes of no action decided it was time to bring out stuthebroos cheesepaste - to say it stinks is an understatement. The chub love it though, and within 30 seconds the tip flew round and i was into my second fish at the same weight of 4lb 2oz.

The next swim didn't produce a bite, so moving further I found another swim that looked handy, and flicked out a piece of steak which was taken within minutes. This one fought better than the others, and I had to hold it solid to stop it getting in the roots. A nice tees chub of 4lb 8oz

On to the next swim, this one was a real hit and hold job as I was fishing under the roots, so it was a case of strike and bury the rod, not giving an inch. Eventually I coaxed the chub out, and it was another 4 at 4lb 3oz to steak.

Couldn't buy another bite, but happy with that result! 

Smash and grab chub...

On my way back from work earlier in the week, I quickly popped to the river Tees for half an hour on the bank. Didn't have long so tackle was already set up. Tackle was a 1.5lb speciality Avon quiver, couple with link ledgered steak and 8lb line straight through (using a couple of grippa stops to link ledger the swan shot). 

To cut a short story even shorted, I fished two swims and caught two chub, back on the road as quick as I arrived and had a nice beer with my tea! Smaller was around 2.5lb, biggest was 4lb 1oz.

Happy days - ps, the chub are finally feeding and are very hungry, with a particular liking for steak