Saturday, 20 February 2016

Roving for river Tees chub

Decided to walk the miles this morning and travel light, using prawns, steak and cheese paste as bait, on the river tees. I was fishing a soft quiver tip, 8lb line straight through, link ledgering with 2 or 3 swan shot so that the bait settled in the crease of the flow after trundling around a little. After that, I just flicked out a couple of freebies and waited. 

The banks have been battered this winter, and the river has changed, but first swim produced a quick bite to steak (after the prawn was ignored), and the strike met with solid resistance. This one weighed 4lb 2oz

A little wander downstream and I found a swim where a crease flowed under a nice raft, screamed out chub. I started with steak this time, but after ten minutes of no action decided it was time to bring out stuthebroos cheesepaste - to say it stinks is an understatement. The chub love it though, and within 30 seconds the tip flew round and i was into my second fish at the same weight of 4lb 2oz.

The next swim didn't produce a bite, so moving further I found another swim that looked handy, and flicked out a piece of steak which was taken within minutes. This one fought better than the others, and I had to hold it solid to stop it getting in the roots. A nice tees chub of 4lb 8oz

On to the next swim, this one was a real hit and hold job as I was fishing under the roots, so it was a case of strike and bury the rod, not giving an inch. Eventually I coaxed the chub out, and it was another 4 at 4lb 3oz to steak.

Couldn't buy another bite, but happy with that result! 


  1. Jimmy I found your blog while investigating fishing the tees. Is your fishing done under any particular club waters or free stretches ? I live on Norton Green near Stockton and would be looking at fishing the tees this year but I know so little about the area. Im looking to just start local say Yarm but not sure if its worth it.

    1. Morning, I fish club water on the tees, Swale, nidd etc. Live in Middlesbrough.

      Clubs I'm in include yarm AC, Stockton AC, Middlesbrough, Bradford etc. It's not cheap!

      My email is if your after any more info.



  2. Got a few questions ill email you thanks mate.