Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mashed Bread for Roach - 09/07/11

I decided on an evening trip to the River Tees, and with a bit if extra water in, mashed bread was to be the target. I dont know why, but with a foot or two extra in, it seems to do the business for me. To make it, i get a cheap loaf of white, and blend half of the slices (crusts and all so you have some floating bits in your feed). Throw in a few balls of bread lightly compressed in your hand over a 20 minute period to get the fish in a confident mood, and you can get a few fish in quick succession - at least thats the plan.

Using a feeder full of mashed bread and a piece of flake the same as a 10p coins on the hook is the tactic...

As usual, with this tactic, i got lots of slight pulls, knocks etc. I always find the best thing to do is to simply ignore this, literally sit on your hands until the rod pulls round. I was hoping for some quality roach, with a chub or two to add to the mix (oh, and i had my barbel rod out to the far bank - you never know!). It wasnt long until the first fish was hooked, a nice plump roach

After this, i missed a succession of bites and finicky knocks. They were losing confidence and i knew why - my feeder kept getting attacked by a pike on the retrieve. I hooked i at one point (and it felt big as well!) but it came off. The only time i dont take my pike gear as well!! A few more small roach followed...

I fished on into dark, hoping for that elusive barbel but again it wasn't to be. It's proving a decent challenge this (a Tees barbel), i know it will come good for me soon though...


  1. Nice article.
    Roach is something i have not really targeted before but have caught a few when fishing for other species but it sounds like fun. Im more a predator/lure fisherman myself. I guess you will surely take some lures with you next time.

  2. Thanks Lureapike. I briefly considered using a live roach, but my heart wasn't in it! I'm usually after pike, but it was a nice change to go for something else.