Sunday, 18 September 2011

A short piking session on the River

With the river being high on my local river, i decided on the lower reaches. The water was still pushing through here, but easily manageable.

With most of my river piking, location is simple. There is a fair depth by my feet, so i simply look for features such as overhanging trees. However, here the water is inches deep by my feet, but gradually slopes away to a fair depth. Also, there isn't sufficient flow to be able to read the water. I'm pretty new to stretches like this, so decided to start pretty far out, and gradually bring it closer in further up the slope until i connected. Bait was half Mackerel (i have a freezer full to use up!) using float ledger tactics. Third cast out, and about 2 rods out, i had a take after 30 seconds or so, which ended up with this low double ar 11lb 4oz. 
Despite a short move downstream, the only other action was trying to catch a pike by my feet, which bolted. All in all, a nice few hours on the bank. 


  1. Hi James

    Hows it going? I'm going to try for my 1st Tees Pike in a couple of weeks time. Was planning on float legering but I'm unsure about the rig. How much weight do you need to use on this rig on the Tees? (I know it depends on flow etc but I was just after a rough idea to get me started) Do you use shot on the trace or leger weights running on the mainline?



  2. Hi Matt,

    It's going well thanks. It's quite a simple rig really, on your mainline you slide on, in this order, float stops (unless your a tying a ledger stop), inline pike float, a buffer bead and then lead attached to a run ring. I have suffered from dropped runs in the past, and i'm sure the run ring allows the least resistance to a taking fish as the line goes through smoothly.

    If the swim has a fair flow and snags on the bottom, i like to use a paternoster rig (john roberts booms) with a lead on the bottom (tied to rotten bottom) and deadbait hanging in the flow. Try this link for more info.

    Let me know when you are going, i usually get out sunday mornings so could tag along.