Sunday, 5 August 2012

Early morning bass trip

I've been preoccupied with rivers recently, specifically trying to catch barbel. Anyway, with the rivers devoid of colour, i got a text off a mate who said conditions seemed right for bass. I've only had one trip this year, earlier in may, so within an hour of that text i was in my loft digging out maria's, saltiga's and rapala's and opening books about bass. Suddenly the bass bug had bitten again..

So at 3am this morning my alarm went off, suddenly it was 4am and i'd got a text saying he'd just got there. Damn, i'd fallen asleep again! A 15 min drive and half an hour walk had me there, and i decided to start off on a soft plastic, which was duly snagged on the first cast. Maybe i should have stayed in bed! I knew from previous trips that this mark tended to produce on a big tide. I changed to the shallow divers and plugged away with various bits of plastic for an hour or so with no response. I noticed my battered old storm thunderstick, the one which got me 3 in one session previously and thought, why not. So on it went, and this one dived that bit deeper and created an instant response. Out of knowhere i was playing a bass, only a small schoolie, but a bass all the same. I've gone a whole year before now without catching one, so i was a happy chappy.

I left my mate still fishing, so i could go home and make kids breakfast, take dog out etc. Just got a text - he's caught 3! Should have stayed out....


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