Sunday, 10 February 2013

A day out on the River chub and Pike

Got myself out on the river today

The first swim looked very pikey, so a float fished smelt was dropped in. 30 mins later, a slow take developed and I hit into the fish. Unfortunately it came off after 10 seconds or so, but what I did do is follow the direction of the pike in the clear water. He went straight back into his lair. The smelt went back and he sat there and waited. I twitched it, about 2 foot from his nose but still she had an air of "I aint touching that again". So i sat back and waited, all the time watching the pike, a good double, while it didnt move. Suddenly, about 30 mins after the recast, she shot forward, grabbed it and swum off like a torpedo (nervousness perhaps???). A great fight ensued, and eventually I landed her at 16lb 1oz :D

I wandered off, far and wide, catching two chub on steak. Managed to get the take etc on camera, so ill be doing a vid this evening at some point (only the chub on video). The biggest chub was about 2 and a half pound.

Fished until dusk and evetually got collected by the wife!


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  2. Hi Jimmy. Sorry to join the queue, but would it be alright if I also used a couple of your images? I'm currently building a website for my parents' holiday home on the side of the Tees and want to write a section about the fishing here. I'll be happy to link back to your excellent blog as well.

    Let me know what you think anyway - Thanks for your time.