Sunday, 27 October 2013

A challenging but rewarding morning on the river

It was really challenging this morning on the river. The river was still up, chocolate coloured and the leaves flying through. I opted to try for chub with meat and cheesepaste, an after finding a swim with a nice crease, but of slack and overhanging tree, I was soon setting up the drennan big feeder.
This swim produced pretty quickly, but the culprit was this chublet so I moved on to try others..

After walking a good mile without success, I started making my way back to try the swim I'd caught on. This time I tried some smelly cheesepaste, and the bite was again pretty quick, this time a much better fish had to be coaxed out of the snags at an ounce under 4lb. 

Then it was time to go, happy with the days work!


  1. Great blog Jim..keep it up! How do u manage your self take photies?... Don't want to be lumping a tripod with me down the wear/swale. Have a mare balancing camera on whatevers to hand! Lol. Any ideas?

    1. Cheers mate!

      I have a mini tripod, it's no bigger than my hand but with extendable legs. Works a treat!

      Which stretches of the wear / swale do you fish?

  2. Did'nt know u could get one so small..will have a Google and see what I can find..thanks mate! The day ticket stretch at Morton bridge..joining northallerton next year..and ferryhills waters on the wear.