Monday, 11 November 2013

A frosty morning trotting for grayling on a local river

After last weekends success with grayling, I decided to try the same tactics on a different river. Chris had a similar idea, and we had soon hatched a plan to meet up on Sunday morning. From the response I got when I mentioned about meeting up at 6.30am, I can only assume he wasn't aware of such a time in the morning!

Anyway, after meeting up and walking to the peg I had the best start possible when I realised that line had been gently peeling off my centrepin for the last 150m of walking - at least I knew the way back to the car now.

The fishing was slow to begin with, but regular changes of pegs soon had us both hitting into the odd grayling or suicidal trout. Mr Vimes had 3 grayling to my 2, of a decent stamp as well, and vice versa with the trout. 

It was a good morning, hard work but a nice bend in our light float rods. And as for the scenery...


  1. Hi Jim. Were you up stream or down stream of the old railway bridge. The for Pool up stream besides the cottage hold some big chub.

    See Chris still does not like his pin and uses his twin power, bet Chris took the took the water about you loosing your line.


    1. Hi Neil,

      We tried downstream at hagg losh for a couple of hours, and them moved to easby bend.

      Chris had his pin with him but didn't put it to use! I'm still on a centre pin learning curve, but it's an enjoyable way of fishing (most of the time!)

    2. Thanks for the info on the pool. Do you fish far across in the slack water? What size do the chub go to this far upstream?

  2. Also (final question I promise!), do the chub hang around in the depths of winter or do they migrate downstream?

  3. Jimmy. Chub aren't massive 2lb ish, usually found in the crease and tend to be there all year. The old railway bridge never seen or heard of any thing caught their, but there's often signs of otters in the sand.
    I take it you parked in the car park by the church, is you had walked up stream (Abbey side) an gone through the gate and gone down the steps to the rive that stretch is productive for the lady and theirs dace reappearing they as well. Easy water to wade. Great spider water or dry fly and trotting.