Sunday, 30 March 2014

The first spring tench and a go with the new Drennan Acolyte 14ft plus

I managed to get a few hours fishing in yesterday afternoon so popped over to a local pond to see if I could bag my first spring tench.

A walk round the lake first found that, other than a few bits, nothing much had been caught all day.

After plumbing the depth at about 5ft, I started on maggot to a size 18 wide gape pellet hook and 3.5lb drennan supplex hooklink with the new drennan acolyte plus rod in 14ft. I missed a couple of bites on the drop (silverfish in the upper water), using a float with a long, sensitive tip to show any movement clearly as bites were cagey. I didnt get any interest after that so eventually switched to double caster which brought an instant bite, and after a short but spirited tussle on the new acolyte I had my first spring tench in the net - only a little'un.

The rod, a stepped up version of the much coverted acolyte ultra, is brilliant (I went for the 14ft model). Tippy enough to enjoy the fight of small fish, with plenty of spare power in reserve. Its got more of a through action than the ultra, which is designed primarily for silverfish. I reckon I'm going to enjoy targetting chub (and even barbel) once the river opens. Weighing in at only 156g, its suited to lines of 4lb to 6lb+ and hooklengths of 3lb to 5lb (in comarison, the acolyte ultra is 2lb to 4lb and <1lb to 3lb hookliength).

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