Sunday, 14 December 2014

Waggler tactics for chub...

Armed with 2 pints of maggots, I intended to hit the river to try bag up on chub today with a mag and wag approach. Set up was a drennan float master, Preston pxr, 5lb drennan supplex and a 4lb supplex hook length, to a size 18 Kamasan animal. 

I got there to find the wind blowing a lot more than I'd expected, not ideal and I wished I had the feeder gear. Finding a sheltered peg (sort of), it was still a struggle on the float, I decided to opt for a me cope with the flow and wind. The first dozen casts resulted in 4 fish, two of them grayling and two trout. One of the grayling was a clonker, well over a pound, and just as I tried to take a photo it flipped straight into the river....never mind. 

I had a robin keep me company most of the morning, happy to gorge on the maggots.

After that the swim went very quiet for an hour. I paused the casting, leaving the bait out the water for 45 minutes or so whilst I trickled maggots in. I then scaled down to 3lb bottom and a size 20, as the water was freezing and bites were hard to come by. First cast in, I had a chub of 3lb 10oz, next cast I lost a 4+ at the net. Great fun on light float gear. 

I had to pack up after this, pretty bleak weather but happy to get a couple.

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