Sunday, 5 July 2015

Testing the Drennan Acolyte Plus rod, a morning on the River

After recently acquiring a Drennan Acolyte Plus rod in 14ft, I decided a morning on the stick float was in order. I have the Acolyte ultra which is my go to river tees rod, where you can expect a good head of dace with a chance of decent chub and perch. However things are different on the swale, the silverfish shoals just aren't there and instead you have a situation where there is a good head of chub (probably no more than the tees but they have a better chance of taking your bait), with a chance of a barbel in the right conditions.

I'm trying to get into photography a bit more so decided to get to the stretch for the crack of dawn at 4.30 am and get a decent shot....

Unfortunately there were already a few cars at my preferred so I dropped in a couple of miles upstream where there was more flow and oxygen. Tactics were 5.5lb Gamakatsu G-Line straight through to a size 16 kamasan animal, with a Dave Harrell big stick. Do to the flow, I started off by introducing ten droppers of caster, which I then topped up over time - the noise this created had no detrimental effect to the bites. To summarise, I had a nice steady morning hitting into 7 chub of various sizes (to about 4lb), a perch not far off 2lb and a couple of trout and gudgeon.

I was particularly pleased with the perch, fought very well in the flow and I just think that river perch in relatively clear waters look spectacular. The rod coped beautifully with all the fish, and there is plenty more in reserve that I hope to unlock at some point soon. An ideal rod for chub, with the ability to cope with a barbel I reckon.

As the sun rose higher, the bites tailed off and I had a little wander downstream to test my photography skills (or lack of) again, this time trying to get some flowing water. This wasn't easy to achieve, as there was too much light for any length of shutter speed. I think some filters are my next purchase.....

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