Tuesday, 26 January 2016

River rising and temps on the up....

I felt there was a chance of a barbel at the weekend. I couldn't get out until Sunday after so decided a session into dark might offer me a chance. With the Swale carrying a few foot, I opted for a the Martin bowler Drennan big river rod, couple with a daiwa ss2600 and 15lb line. Bait was a big, smelly paste wrapped lone angler ocean pride boilie, that I'd made at home, adding a good dollop more flavouring than is recommended! 

Travelling light, I covered a few swims in 5 hours of fishing, but failed to connect with anything. The river was rising slowly, increase in temp from 42F to 43F. I wasn't the only one - others blanked as well (incidentally it sounds like I was a day early as people started catching on Monday....with temps at 45F). 

It looks like more of the same in the coming days (although sudden drops in temps overnight won't help), so I may be out again in search for a barbel. Keep my options open though until I know for sure what the levels are like. 

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  1. Right, a day's wait and you probably would've caught that barbel. But yeah, sudden change in temperature certainly isn't the biggest help.