Friday, 1 April 2016

Going over to the dark side....

I've realised there's something missing in my life, and that's a decent carp. I've invested in some gear, and will be targeting something decent in the coming months. 

Judging from the captures at Albert park recently, I could target that and probably get a few good fish but it's definitely not my style, and I couldn't cope with the hassle (done that before years ago before I could drive and it wasn't enjoyable!). I've selected a couple of waters, both very difficult, but both with fish over 20lb. The good thing is that both have good tench and bream as well, so I could be kept occupied at least during the long wait. The other important thing is that in both lakes, the fish look stunning. A bit of prebaiting will be involved as well. 

I'll keep you posted with how I get on, but am not expecting too many captures so apologies if there aren't many catch reports! 

Gear at the ready......


  1. Where are you planning on Fishing James ?

  2. Have you had anything yet James ? Keep us up to date on Carp Critic