Friday, 7 July 2017

A special fish - Tees Barbel in the bag

I've been after a tees barbel for a while now - even when others around me have been catching around me. It's a tough challenge, and one I've completely failed at so far. I got out on Tuesday, and decided that a change in tact was in order - that was I loaded the feed in to try create a competitive feeding situation with the chub.

The problem with the tees is that there are not many barbel, and tonnes of ravenous chub. Great in winter, not so in summer when i'm not targeting them. After a couple of hours of constant chub attention to the baits, and then bats, the rod went round more purposely and kept going - suicide chub I thought. I lifted into it, and very quickly realised this was no chub. The downstream run was constant and never ending. Eventually I slowed it to a stop, and pumped it back up towards me. The fish held solid near me, neither of us was winning at this point. It dedided to go upstream, and with the rod buckling round I held it from approaching a snag. Eventually I got it within netting range and fortunately got it on the first attempt.  

When you have targeted something for a while, and it finally comes good, the adrenaline is mental - I had to sit down and compose myself as she sat in the net regaining her strength. She'd given it all, and deserved some respect. The weight was 9lb 1oz, not really of significance as putting a number to it wasn't the point - it was a tees barbel, and i'd finally got that monkey off my back. Next target - a Tees Double

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  1. Superb, I can see from the smile you are well chuffed.