Sunday, 26 June 2011

River Piking, 26 June 2011

Armed with a selection of deadbaits, i decided to go to the river this morning. However, despite trying mackerel, sardine & lamprey and various tempting swims, all i got was the odd dropped run. It was so slow going, i decided i would try my hand at wildlife photography!
Back to the fishing, i brought in my deadbait, moved swim again, and hooked the smelt for wobbling, a tactic i have seldom tried and to date without success. Second cast in, and a small jack of 4 1/2lb struck under my rod tip, very exciting in the clear water! After a short tussle, with a few leaps, this was the result...
Following this, i decided to call it a day. I nice morning, by a glorious river!

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