Sunday, 22 January 2012

3 Chub for 12lb

I've just got back from a great morning's fishing. I got to the river at 7am, and the weather was wild with heavy gusts and the odd shower. Walking to my favourite peg, I fed with liquidised bread whilst setting up. Casting out a feeder of liquidised bread, and some smelly cheese paste on the hook, it didn't take long to start getting some indications (i find if the chub are there, they will soon be on your bait). The first proper pull was missed, but second time round I hooked into a nice chub of 3lb 3oz
I could have stayed in the swim and hope for another, but decided to move on. My second choice of swim involved casting out into the middle of the river, and allowing it to swing the bait in to the near bank under some overhanging trees. I the balled the bad in by hand. Again, it wasn't long until I hooked into something, and this time it felt bigger. I had to put a serious curve on the rod to keep the fish out the near bank, but eventually it grudgingly came over the net, and at 4lb 8oz was a new pb for me.

My last swim was a real birdcage, but by squeezing through some branches, I was able to cast out and let the bait swing in again underneath some overhanging trees. Same tactics as before, and this gave me my final chub of the day at 4lb 3oz - the end to a brilliant session.


  1. Good bit of fishing Jimmy well done mate, congrat's on the new pb.

  2. Cheers mate! A memorable session

  3. Well done on that quality bag of Chevin and your new personal best.

    Kind regards