Sunday, 8 January 2012


After last weeks success, and with the mild temperatures and the river dropping off following midweek floods, I decided to go for some River chub again. Tactics were similar to before, with smelly cheese paste (blue stilton of course) and liquidised bread in the feeder, to a size 6 barbless super specialist hook and 8lb Drennan double strength. The cage feeder was stopped with two float stops up the line, so that the line wasnt weakened by any knots (you really have to hit and hold with these chub!). My first peg provided an instant response and i hit into what was obviously a big chub. No matter how hard i pulled, i just couldn't get him out of his snaggy lair, with the inevitable result of the hook springing back. Despite some further touches, i had no more action and decided to move to a new swim..
Using the same tactics, i had to cast out into the middle chanel and allow the bait to be pushed under the tree, which meant hand feedeing liquidised bread. A couple of nudges on the rod indicated some interest, and it wasn't long before the tip pulled right round. I hit into this one and, similar to before, it tried it's best to get to some nice tree roots. Fortunately i managed to hold this one off and despite a little argument with a tree to my left, it eventually came in. The result, a fin perfect 3lb 1oz chub.

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