Friday, 26 October 2012

Big river dace

I went for an enjoyable day trotting a float down a nice glide of the river today. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, not something i've done for a while (i've been preoccupied with pike!). I was using a Drennan floatmaster, the perfect tool for trotting double maggot to a size 16 kamasan. Steady feeding soon brought the dace on the feed, and one or two of these were clonkers, including this one of 8oz.

Occassionally, i would hit into a grayling, and i ended up catching 3 on the day up to 12oz, and bumped off another 2 more.
Overall, a good day, if a bit cold.!


  1. I have fished the Tees for over 33yrs.
    The best trout fishing is above Darlington clubs like the Darlington Brown Trout, Stockton AC, Bishop Auckland AC, Barnard Castle AC, Dalington anglers are IMO some of the best trout water. After Darlo the river changes and becomes more suited to Coarse fishing.

    Geneva dance

  2. Completely agree! The river in my opinion, is one of the best around

  3. Where is this river located? It looks similar to the rivers we have here in the southern US.

    1. Hi Landon, this is the river tees in the north east of England, during autumn. Lovely place to be!

    2. I hope to make it across the pond one of these days. That will be a place I want to see in person. Thanks for sharing your spot, Jimmy.