Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A good chub to kick off my season...

I left home today without a destination in mind, but finally decided on a stretch of the river. I knew it was low and clear, but i have my barbel glasses on, even though the chances were slim. I decided to go for the two rod approach, both cast to spots under or adjacent snags where i thought they would be hiding. One rod had hair rigged sweetcorn, with a bed of hemp and the other used a pellet approach.

Within ten minutes the seetcorn rod flew over and i was into a fish, my first of the season, and a pleasing 4lb 12oz chub. In winter condition it would have probably been my first 5lber but I cant be dissapointed with that. 

I spent a good few hours more until 4pm, changing tactics, baits and trying to stalk a couple of chub that i found but with no success. 

Happy with that though, back out at the weekend.

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