Thursday, 27 June 2013

A taste for my salami sandwich...

I was travelling north after a morning spent working in West Yorkshire, and decided to park up at a spot to eat my lunch and spot some fish. Naturally I chucked in some samples of my salami sandwich which was taken by a big set of rubber lips - game on, time to get my rod out the boot!

I only had twenty minutes, so I got down o the bank and hooked a big chunk of salami sandwich, flicked it out (free lined) and watched it gradually sink and flow to the waiting mouth, which moved to intercept the bait...all to easy this I thought! It was just about to open wide when a 1lb brownie shot out and grabbed it! Blooming thing ruined my chances with the chub!

Ah well can't win them all, I though - back to work! 

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