Sunday, 16 February 2014

A couple of carping blanks at a new venue....

With the rivers in disarray, I have switched my thoughts to different targets and species. I've never been a carper, avoiding that style of fishing in favour of running water and fishing of a more wild nature. Commercials are a definite no no, however I have found a venue by accident really that Is deep, not stocked and has a small stocking of large carp (at least large by local standards - i.e. fish over 20lb). It looks to be a difficult venue, but I like the feel of the place...If I catch one fish from it this spring and it beats my rather poor 12lb 4oz pb, I will be a happy man.

Some pics.....


  1. Good luck Jimmy.
    If I could find a venue like that myself I might be tempted to fish non running water fr the first time in years. Everywhere is too commercial.


    1. Like yourself, it's took something special for me to try a Stillwater. Most are too commercialised and I just won't touch them! I like a touch of the wild side, like river or sea.

      The fact that nobody seems to know what is in the water other than the odd big fish just adds to the mystery.