Friday, 28 February 2014

A day fishing the stick...

I managed a trip out on Wednesday fishing the stick float. I'm a big fan of watching a float, mending the line, holding back, appropriate feeding and doing everything possible to try and tempt a bite. Unfortunately, conditions were difficult with plenty of flow and extra colour. Well I was there so had to try!

The stretch...

I opted to try the drennan matchpro ultralight, in 13ft, using an abu 506 closed face reel, 3lb line and a 2lb hooklink to a size 18 drennan silverfish match hook. Dace were the target, as they migrate to these lower reaches during winter. Using double maggot on the hook, I was flicking out a few maggots or casters each cast to keep any fish interested. Starting at a depth of 7ft at two rod lengths out, I gradually increased the depth by a couple of inches each cast until I got the first bite, which resulted in a nice dace of about 4oz. Half a dozen casts and three fish of a similar stamp later, I thought I was in for a bumper catch and was enjoying it. Unfortunately, and amazingly, no more dace were caught in the next 4 hours! I did, however, land a nice perch which put a smile on my face. But it was a difficult day....

Still its nice to be out on the river, especially as there is two weeks (and just three more river sessions) to go.


  1. Nice fish! I will try the float also very soon. Bought some maggots today so hopefully this weekend will do. My local river is down and clear so the conditions won't be the problem if I would blank..
    Greets from the Netherlands!

    1. Thanks Benny. I'm out this Sunday using the centrepin for trotting - the target grayling or chub. Can't wait!

      Good luck and hope you get a few.