Sunday, 8 March 2015

A short session trotting for chub...

A short session on the river this morning. Tactics were a couple of pints of maggots (white), 3lb Drennan supplex to a size 20 Kamasan animal, hoping for a few chub, I was using the drennan floatmaster and an Abu 506 due to the wind. 

After feeding for half an hour, my first cast resulted in a bit which I briefly hit, before it bouncing off. Next cast I latched onto this nice chub, which was great fun to play on the light gear. After a bit of patience, it came into the net, a nice looking fish. 

Next cast I missed a bite, I was getting a good rhythm going and thinking I may build a decent bag up, when an otter turned up!

After that, I caught nothing else! 

Warmer temps today, and it seems that spring is definitely just round the corner...


  1. Had a similar session last night on the wear Jim..wind was a problem, managed a fish at 8 pm then what at first i thought was driftwood floating past me in the moonlight soon turned out to be an otter in the torchlight! Swim was dead after that.

    1. I have known swims to be fine after an otter intrusion, but sometimes the fish dissapear, as today.

      Good effort mate