Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pb chub smashed, target achieved

I've kept it no secret that I've been targeting a 6lb chub for a while now, and I've put a fair amount of effort in, sometimes in awful conditions. Today was one of those days, I had to go throw snow, rain, wind, and some bright moonlight in between. 

I lost the first fish of the night, and that looked all a pb. After another hour or so, the rod hoofed over, and I struck into a chub, but one a little different to the rest. This just sat there, in the current, commanding respect. Got him moving after a short while, and in the net, I knew it was big, and was chuffed when the needle went to 6lb 9oz!


  1. lovely fish and nice blog. I have put you on my list of recommended blogs..

  2. Well and truly smashed Jim!..and yet another congratulations! (Slow down on these pb' lovely looking fish and very well earned mate.

    1. Thanks Steve, over the moon still!