Sunday, 20 January 2013

A couple of fish in the snow...

Well that was the sort of morning I love, really hard going but with a couple of fish.

The river was cold, low and clear, so I knew it wouldn't be easy. I started off in my first peg (which is often a banker) but unfortunately nobody was at home (or hungry!). It was nice to see a couple of goosanders feeding (and no cormorants!).

I moved after an hour or so (giving the pike longer today because if the temps), this time just trying a float fished smelt near a slack bit of water and overhanging tree. To my delight, the float quickly darted away and even though it only weighed 6lb 8oz, and 26 inches in length, I was happy with the result - though my target of a Swale 20 continues.

I tried one more swim for pike with no success before moving to an area that I always catch chub from. Tactics were a single swan shot on a ledger link, size 10 hook and steak. This was cast to the middle of the river and allowed to flow back into the near side bushes. The first bite didn't take long (I'd prebaited the swim on the way to my first peg) and a 3lb 7oz chub was soon thumping against the drennan series 7 specialist Avon. Happy with that....

I moved a bit further downstream and did the same again. This resulted in a verry confident bite, and a big big chub hooked. I had it on for ages but it just wouldn't give up. I had to bury my rod to avoid some snags, but unfortunately it did snag and the rest, as they say, is history. Definitely a pb, but never mind!!

I went home shortly after this, happy with mornings work.


  1. Nice one Jimmy, good bit of fishing there mate. Pity the big chub got away though!

  2. Well done mate.