Sunday, 6 January 2013

A pleasing start to 2013 river piking

Just had my first trip out to the river in over a month. Decided on a change, conditions seemed ideal after the recent floods and i had a particular peg in mind which always produces a couple of chub for me. After setting up my drennan avon 1.25lb test, with a light link ledger and cheese paste, i flicked it out, let the current take it under a tree and balled in some liquidised bread. I was expecting a bite pretty quickly, but nothing happened, and after an hour nothing had still happened to my surprise!

Fortunately good chub swims also make good pike swims and i was wondering if the chub weren't there for a reason. In came the chub rod, out went a float fished smelt. I was just pouring a cuppa when the float bobbed and disappeared. I struck instantly and a spirited tussle commenced. Fortunately it wasn't long lived and as I landed it i knew it was a decent fish in top condition. I was hopefully it might just push the needle past the 20 mark, but at 19lb 4oz i wasn't disappointed.

Shortly after, a move of swim and a change of bait to luncheon meat also produced a nice chub of 4lb 8oz. A pleasing start to 2013.

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