Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fishing a flooded river for chub

An interesting day on the river! Got there first thing and the state of the river put the sh@ts up me. I've never been comfortable fishing in floods, and thats probably why I dont catch much. But i was determined to give it a right go today. The peg i wanted to fish i just couldnt get anywhere near. Massive shame, as im sure there would have been a lunker or two. However i found a part of the river where the main flow hit a row of bushes and a gravel bar, leaving some slack water downstream and a bit of a deep depression.

I was using a simple link ledger with 3 swan shots, attached via some grippa stops which allowed it to be adjustable at any time. 8lb line was used straight through (no point in going any lighter in floodwater). I tried cheesepaste and breadflake without success, and then put a nice lump of steak on the hook. After 10 mins or so I was suprised when the rod wrapped round and i was into a good fighting fish, equalling my pb of 4lb 13oz (when am i going to get a 5lber!!!). I weight it in the sling and it went 5lb 9oz, but unfortunately we sling weighed more than 9oz....damn!!
I really did try hard for a good few more hours in various spots, but couldnt bite another bite (even on my secret bait). The wind and rain were making it difficult, so i gave up! A good day out....

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  1. Hello Jimmy, just watching the video now, looks great, to get the video to embed like I do, just go to your video on youtube,click on "Share" and then you will see another drop down area open then you select "Embed" and copy and paste the code into your blog, your video will then show the same as my own.

    Lovely looking Chub by the way and an enjoyable video, will be subscribing and looking forward to seeing more.