Saturday, 27 July 2013

A morning fishing the stick float an caster on the river

Decided to fish with stick float and caster (two pints of them) this morning. Got to a stretch at 5am to find the gate closed (how dare they!) so a quick think and decided on a different part.

Set up was quite simple, stick float, 4.4lb drennan float fish (as some snags were there) straight through to a size 18 spade end. The swim was only 3 feet or so and steady so a small stick did the trick. 13 ft float rod and closed face reel finished it off

After trickling in caster whilst setting up, first cast and I was into a heavy lump on single caster. I proceeded to get me snagged up, twice, but each time patience and pressure got it out. Finally landed, a great start with a chub of 4lb on the dot.

After this, there was a bite a chuck from dace. Good fun all the same, and it didn't matter how much I stepped up the feeding, the bites from dace kept coming. I then struck into something solid which went upstream with purpose, before the hook sprung out. my heart tells me it was a barbel :(
Two chublets to 8oz followed, then I lost another big chub in some snags. 
Overall, a great morning. Two pints of casters didn't even scratch the surface either.

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