Sunday, 21 July 2013

First bass session of the year on the brilliant yorkshire coast

Well I decided on a dawn raid on our brilliant yorkshire coastline for a change today, as the rivers are a struggle at present.

I was up by 3am to fish the ebbing tide from high. Got to the coast which involved a rope descent, and started fishing with shallow diving plugs. 

Bearing in mind if I get a couple of bass in a whole summer it's standard, imagine my surprise when this bass hit my lure 3rd cast, this being my first session of the summer...

This one was about a pound and a half.

I kept plugging away with the successful lure and a short while later a bigger fish hit my lure. By the way, a bass hitting your lure is one of the best experiences in angling in my opinion, absolutely brilliant and a good fight. This one took a bit longer to get in, and I was happy with this one of 2lb 5oz.

And that was it, the tide went too far out for this part, and we went home, up the rope!!

Going for a nap now...


  1. Excellent catch - I've been trying to break my bass on lures duck in Norfolk, so satisfying when you do nail one.

  2. Much appreciated!

    I remember the feeling of catching my first bass a few summers back after months of trying (as I recall I didn't get a single fish in the summer before trying quite often!). The feeling was amazing.

    Catch rates are slightly more consistent nowadays but still great!

  3. Nice catch Jim, I need to get out and give the bass a try, any tips ?


    1. Hi Darren.

      A tip I've found (through painful experience!) is that there will generally be a specific state of the tide when the bass run over a certain area. As such, it's often a very short spell, sometime 10mins where you get 2 or 3 fish and then nothing. When you do catch a bass, note down. (Literally) the state of the tide, the size of the tide and the size of swell. By doing this, next time you are going bassing, you are more. Likely to know where would be best for the specific conditions. It cuts out a lot of blanks!!

      Other than that, just keep plugging away, fish the deeper gullies where food collects. Look for signs of bait fish, eg, terms / gulls diving for sandeels. The bass won't be far away.

    2. Cheers Jim, I'm off to Cornwall for a week and I'll be taking a rod, hopefully I'll be able to find some bass.